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Why Must Enterprises Do Anti-fake Labels?
Dec 13, 2018

If have malevolent bad businessman,What will happen if they mix the imitation with your genuine product is hot sold in the market ?Years of good business reputation is immediately destroyed at once.Anti-counterfeiting of commodities is very important for enterprises. Counterfeit products will have a serious impact on the reputation and profits of enterprises.Wenzhou Haoge Anti-counterfeit Co., Ltd. have many years experience in the field of anti-counterfeiting to provide customers with anti-counterfeiting solutions.So which anti-counterfeiting labels industries have requirements?

Anti-counterfeiting labels

The person in a high position is liable to be attacked .When the sell situation is good, some people envy, there is no lack of some counterfeiters.

They sell fake products in the name of their brands, disrupt the market, invade the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and erode the credibility of enterprises as brand leaders.

So, please remember, where there are fake, where the need for security.It is becoming more and more important to stick security labels on products.

Anti-counterfeit labels are now widely used in tobacco and alcohol/food/daily chemicals/medicine/clothing/electronic products.The government also USES quite a lot, for example, in the customs, taxation, industry and commerce and other parts.

We can see Pesticides anti-counterfeit labels, fertilizers anti-counterfeit labels, seeds anti-counterfeit labels, machinery parts anti-fake labels, electrical heating anti-fake labels, waterproof materials anti-fake labels, medical equipment anti-fake labels and other professional  labels stickers used in other more areas.

Cosmetics,easy to be impersonated,especially needs to use security labels.

Custom security label process

Step 1: the enterprise shall provide the enterprise qualification, such as the company's business license, tax registration certificate, trademark registration certificate, production license and other copies stamped with the official seal.

Step 2: provide the brand logo and company name.Anti-counterfeiting company according to the anti-counterfeiting technical requirements of customers on anti-counterfeiting labels, product packaging, the design of enterprise satisfaction of many types of anti-counterfeiting labels for customers to choose.Customers select and design security labels, sign to determine the design draft.

Step 3: sign an anti-counterfeiting agreement.Enterprises and security companies signed security label production commissioned agreement and network contract, network contract lists the rights and responsibilities of both parties.Signing an anti-counterfeiting agreement requires both parties to sign and stamp the official seal.


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