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QR Code Anti - Counterfeit Labels Are Weapon
Dec 25, 2018

Fake goods cause great damage to the market. The profit of businesses and enterprises are damaged, and their reputation is damaged. Consumers will also be damaged by all kinds of inferior products.So the fight against counterfeiting is a national movement, especially businesses and enterprises, in addition to the packaging plus anti-counterfeiting technology, will add additional anti-counterfeiting labels, let consumers fight against counterfeiting together.

Now on the market with the most quantity is the digital anti-counterfeit labels, each digital anti-counterfeit label will have a QR code, so the digital anti-counterfeiting labels also is often referred to as QR code anti-counterfeit labels, every QR code to record data in the cloud database has the corresponding content, and to establish a real and effective anti-counterfeiting query system.

So what advantages do two-dimensional code security labels have?

First, the uniqueness of two-dimensional code data.The label contents of the same batch of products are different. Each product corresponds to a unique two-dimensional code, namely, one thing one code. Encryption technology is adopted to protect the data of two-dimensional code, so that data is difficult to transfer and copy, and the authenticity and security of product data information are guaranteed.

Secondly, the stability of two-dimensional code data.Under normal circumstances, anti-counterfeiting labels physical anti-counterfeiting technology failure, will gradually with the use of time is such as temperature, fluorescence technology, after a long time of use will be unable to verify, but not limited to time, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the QR code, even if the qr code is a little damaged, also still can scan, and query data stored in the cloud, no matter how long it can all be query.

Third, the two-dimensional code has a wide range of applications.Now scanning code operation is simple and fast, everywhere in use, from payment to attention, so the use of QR code can better allow consumers to scan the code to check the authenticity, so as to better fight against counterfeiting.

Finally, the importance of QR code marketing.First from the product security label two-dimensional code associated with the enterprise official account, and then pay attention to the official account query authenticity, and finally through advert, promotion, bonus points red packets and other marketing activities, so that ordinary consumers into loyal consumers, thereby promoting secondary sales.Consumers can know the latest products, sales places and promotion methods of enterprises through the public account, so as to avoid fake products and buy authentic products, which is a senior means of fighting against and preventing fake products.

Wenzhou hogg anti-counterfeiting technology co., LTD., has eight years of development experience of the production of anti-counterfeiting, professional qr code anti-counterfeit labels, traced back system, prevent the transregional development, prevent the transregional solution, multiple anti-counterfeiting patent technology, perfect anti-counterfeiting printing equipment, independent security printing factory, built dozens of national security system engineering, and for thousands of companies from all walks of life to provide all kinds of security products and services, business scope of all provinces and cities across the country.Wenzhou haoge anti-counterfeiting co., LTD., pioneering and innovative, realistic and enterprising, determined to become a customer's long-term trust partner, to provide customers with personalized, professional and serialized anti-counterfeiting products and services.

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