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Principle Of UV Anti-counterfeit Label
Aug 13, 2018

Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting is the most widely used anti-counterfeiting method in the renminbi. UV anti-counterfeiting can be seen in the corresponding parts by ultraviolet light, and 100, 50 words can be seen. This is one of the most common methods for people to identify RMB.

Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting trademarks are applied to ordinary anti-counterfeiting trademarks by fluorescent anti-counterfeiting technology. Consumers or operators can verify their authenticity through simple equipment. On this basis, the application of digital anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting technology to the corresponding logo can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting effect, and it is more convenient for consumers to check the authenticity of the product, thereby enhancing the product reputation.

The anti-counterfeiting principle of UV anti-counterfeiting technology:

Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting is achieved through special inks. UV anti-counterfeiting and digital anti-counterfeiting means that each label has a set of passwords (16 or 18 digits), and each set of passwords is different, which is equivalent to attaching an ID number to each product. At the same time, each group of passwords is only for the first time

1. The uniqueness of the logo. Any digital anti-counterfeit identifier is unique; it can only be used all at once, and counterfeiters cannot copy it.

2. Reliability of anti-counterfeiting. It condenses the anti-counterfeiting mechanism of many high-tech means. Even if the anti-counterfeit person masters the manufacturing method of the anti-counterfeit mark, it cannot effectively copy the anti-counterfeit mark of a certain product; it is not only impossible to manufacture in batches, but also economically not worth the loss, and time is not allowed. The organic unification of the transferability of technology and the unforgeability of anti-counterfeiting marks has been realized.

3. The simplicity of identification. Consumers can pass the code on the process control telephone input identification whenever and wherever, and the computer system can automatically obtain the relevant information such as the manufacturer and the authenticity of the goods. The whole process takes only tens of seconds.

4. The unity of management. This anti-counterfeit marker can be used on any kind of goods, and uses a nationwide telephone network to establish a nationwide anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting network, which can be monitored and managed at any time.

5. Functional extensibility. In addition to commodity anti-counterfeiting and providing related services for network-entering enterprises, digital anti-counterfeiting can also play a unique and positive role in combating smuggling, ticket management, and online marketing, which can greatly reduce the cost of artificial anti-counterfeiting.

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