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Fragile Breakable Label Need To Pay Attention To What
Aug 13, 2018

As a special process for processing anti-counterfeiting materials, the tensile strength is very low, extremely fragile, shrinkable and has certain requirements for temperature, humidity and storage period. Generally used as an anti-counterfeit label in applications, it is divided into two types of materials, thin bottom paper and thick bottom paper, depending on the bottom paper.

The thin-bottom paper type fragile paper self-adhesive surface material is suitable for printing on the label machine in the form of roll paper. Due to the low strength of the surface material, the fragile paper is only printed, die-cut, and not discharged; the finished label is only cut, no longer volume. Therefore, the fragile paper self-adhesive labels cannot be automatically labeled, and all are manually labeled.

Thin-paper-type fragile paper self-adhesive surface material should not be printed in a single sheet, because the material of the drum will accelerate the shrinkage of the surface material after the sheet is cut, causing the deformation of the bottom paper, forming a gap between the bottom paper and the surface material, and the glue is affected by the environment. The overflow causes the surface material to break during the printing process, resulting in an increase in the number of waste products and an increase in loss.

Resin-type fragile paper facestock is recommended to use resin-based ink letterpress printing and flexographic water-based ink printing.

The thickness of the base paper of the thick paper-type fragile paper self-adhesive surface material is generally 120g--220g/m2. Due to the thickness of the backing paper, the shrinkage of the face material does not cause the deformation of the backing paper, but only the shrinkage of the surface material.

The thick paper-type fragile paper self-adhesive surface material can be cut into single sheets and printed in offset printing, embossing and screen printing.

Manually discharge or not waste after die cutting.

Since the fragile paper self-adhesive label surface material has the characteristics of easy shrinkage, the processor should print immediately after purchasing the material, and it is not suitable for long-term storage; when the surface material shrinks and the edge overflows during printing, the paper feed speed should be appropriately slowed down. To avoid excessive peeling force, causing the edge of the material to break and tear the edges.

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