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Fragile Breakable Label
Aug 13, 2018


The fragile standard is a composite anti-counterfeiting material with a fragile printing material as the fabric, a special strong adhesive on the back, and a silicon coated paper as the bottom paper.

Fragile label is an important type of self-adhesive label. Its fabric breaking strength is much lower than that of adhesive. It has the characteristics of not being completely peeled off after being pasted and can not be reused. The fragile standard self-adhesive surface material is processed into a fragile label or a fragile sticker after being processed by printing, die cutting, etc., which is also called a product fragile quality sticker. It is mainly used for the use of some formal quality assurance methods, which are difficult to accurately guarantee. Unconventional item identification method.


Widely used in mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automotive electronics, alcohol, drugs, food, cosmetics, entertainment tickets and other high-end business quality assurance, can also be applied to shopping malls goods anti-theft tampering, the quality of the goods is characterized by high prices, The quality assurance responsibility is high and the warranty date accuracy is high. Therefore, the quality of the fragile sticker is directly related to the quality of the after-sales service and the economic interests of the merchant. The use of such anti-counterfeiting materials can effectively avoid various losses and disputes.

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