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Food Packaging Label
Aug 13, 2018

The development of standards

The General Principles for Nutrition Labelling of Prepackaged Foods was formulated by the Ministry of Health on the basis of the requirements of the Food Safety Law and the implementation of the Ministry of Health's "Regulations on Nutrition Labelling of Prepackaged Foods". In the process of formulation, we draw on the management experience of international organizations and developed countries, scientifically analyze the dietary structure, food nutrition characteristics, consumption characteristics of consumers and existing nutrition knowledge of Chinese residents, and strictly abide by the national food safety standards. The standard publicly solicited opinions from all walks of life and listened to the opinions of relevant departments, industry associations, enterprises and experts.

General content

The General Principles for Nutrition Labelling of Prepackaged Foods includes a list of nutrients, nutritional claims and functional claims of nutrients. Among them, the nutrient composition table is a normative table with indicators of the name, content and percentage of nutrient reference value (NRV) of the food. The mandatory labeling content includes energy and the contents of four core nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrate and sodium. And its percentage of nutrient reference value (NRV). The general rule states that hydrogenated and/or partially hydrogenated fats are used in the containment or production of food ingredients, and the content of trans fats (acids) should be indicated in the nutrient composition table. For the description of the level, presence or absence, increase or decrease of energy and nutrients, the general requirements and constraints are specified.

In view of the problems of the nutrition label existing in some food enterprises, such as exaggerating publicity and deceiving consumers, it is stipulated that any nutritional information indicated on the nutrition label of prepackaged foods should be true and objective, and false information should not be marked, and the nutritional effects of the products should not be exaggerated. Other effects.

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