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Wine label
Aug 13, 2018

New World Wine Label

The label of the New World wine is clearer and more in English, so it is easier to read. The most important thing to remember about the New World wine label is the name of the wine (or brand), the grape variety used and the name of the producing area. The year is second, because the climate of the new world is relatively stable, and the impact of most mid-priced wine years on quality is not too great.

Bordeaux label

The most important thing in the French wine label is the name of the place of origin, because the name of the place of origin is almost equal to the name of the wine. In addition, in the French grading system, if it is a good AOC (legal wine) wine, the name of the wine will also be highlighted.

Burgundy label

The production area and year of Burgundy wine are the most important information. Followed by the bottling winery.

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