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What should consider before security labels making
Dec 14, 2018

Security labels as a special security goods, the main responsibility is to provide a reference basis for the identification of goods, the enterprise to buy security labels is not just business, but rather a kind of responsibility, Responsible for consumers, responsible for the market, responsible for their own products, the positive impress of the enterprise to show.Your product doesn't even have a security label. Who gave you the courage to say it's genuine?

Is there a security label to ensure that there are no fakes?

There is no guarantee that, like the law, it defines crime, but does it prevent it?In front of the interests of the individual, the law is ineffective, law in addition to deter the recessive offenders the most important still is to condemn for reference, just like anti-counterfeit label, but still there will be someone to fraud, anti-counterfeit label for the fake appeared after the enterprise can found in time, can timely remind consumer to more can provide law enforcement with anti-counterfeiting reference, a bear carries an anti-counterfeit label for the enterprise is a must do.

So how does the appearance of the security label determine?

This is up to the enterprise to decide, that is, custom security labels.Enterprises should customize the anti-counterfeiting labels of unique shapes according to the use environment, package size, shape, demand, process and other conditions of their commodities. The more common shapes are squares, rectangles, ellipses, circles and other customized irregular shapes.The size is generally 20*30mm, 20*20mm;In the high-temperature or low-temperature environment, the use of water, in the sun and rain environment, the use of high-strength tools, the use of rough surface, the use of oil stains on the surface, for this different environmental enterprises choose security label material is certainly not the same;Whether need to use the disappearance of dripping water, high temperature disappearance, skylight safety line, nuclear track and other high-end anti-counterfeiting technology can also be considered by enterprises.Therefore, customized anti-counterfeiting tags can more meet the needs of enterprises, template tags are not equipped with such a function.

How to determine the price of the security label?

This price does not have rigid regulation really inside course of study, general company can undertake quote price according to oneself condition, technology, and what decide a price also is by the material that defends false label, craft technology, dimension will decide, one cent cent goods, this is changeless truth.But only worthy of trust, the formal offer some small workshops is very smart, limit bargains, an incredibly cheap, the enterprise should pay attention to this time, the wool is on sheep's body, carries an anti-counterfeit label for the price so low quality is definitely questionable, again how cheap it is impossible to lose money, so I can only start from the material processing technology, various corners, all sorts of batch production, selling anti-counterfeit labels and selling waste paper, sold by weight, and the effect is to make the label of authenticity looks more like a fake, so finally got this cheap trap consequences or the enterprise itself.

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