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Type of sticker
Aug 13, 2018

Sticker--car sticker

The appearance of the car is equivalent to the clothes of the person, and the car sticker is the most intuitive, most eye-catching and simple body fashion! People choose clothes according to different occasions, different needs and different tastes. There are also many kinds of car stickers.

Firstly distinguish from the pasting position: usually include the sides of the car body, front and rear gear, hood, lamp eyebrow, skirt, wheel hub, and some have been completely surrounded by the whole body, it can be said that the car sticker from the car body position Everything can be done in a reasonable way within the scope of the current regulations, and you can fully enjoy the personality of the owner.

In terms of production process: the types of car stickers are mainly divided into three categories according to the production process:

1. Engraving class, using the engraving machine to cut the different colors of the adhesive tape into various shapes, and then superimposing the adhesive paper of different colors, the beautiful car stickers will be done.

2, printing, after printing, die-cutting, the process is relatively simple, but the amount is large, otherwise the cost is too high!

3, inkjet or spray engraved one, inkjet photo and then die-cut; if it is sprayed directly out of the finished product; but such car stickers have a weakness, can not surface lamination, resulting in color relative to engraving and printing It is easy to fade.

Sticker--label sticker

The label paper we usually talk about is coated paper, thermal paper, etc. It refers to the paper. The facial tissue is the carrier of the printed content of the label, and is classified into coated paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC, etc. according to its material. The back of the paper is coated with an adhesive, which on the one hand ensures a proper adhesion between the backing paper and the facial tissue, and on the other hand ensures that the facial tissue is peeled off and has a firm adhesiveness with the adhesive.

Type of label sticker

Coated paper:

Material characteristics: not waterproof, not oil-proof, can be torn, with matte, general light, bright light. Scope of application: outer box label, price label, asset management record, general appliance body label, etc. Applicable ribbon: full wax / half wax half tree. Optional materials: NTC Glassine Bronze Paper, NTC Yellow Bottom Coated Paper, Avery Imported Coated Paper (all Glasin)

Thermal Paper:

Material characteristics: not waterproof, not oilproof, can be torn. Scope of application: More used in supermarket electronic scale labels, chemical laboratories, etc. Applicable ribbon: Can not be used with ribbon. Optional material: NTC thermal paper


Material characteristics: not waterproof, not oilproof, can be torn. Scope of application: clothing, footwear, supermarkets and shopping malls price cards. Applicable ribbon: full wax / half wax half tree, optional materials: NTC 210 g tag, NTC 250 g tag, NTC 300 g tag, NTC 350 g tag, NTC 500 g tag (Kelta according to customer's actual needs for production )

PET/PVC/synthetic paper:

Material characteristics: Waterproof, oil proof, non-tearable, high temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, matte, general light, bright light (different materials have different temperature resistance, oil resistance and water resistance). Scope of application: electronics, home appliances, automotive, chemical and other industries. PET: Strong toughness, crisp and hard, suitable for smoothing the surface of items. PVC: Poor toughness, soft and adhesive, suitable for the identification of items that are not very flat. Synthetic paper: The toughness is between the two, and is suitable for the identification of articles on the surface of bottles and cans. Applicable ribbon: All resin ribbons are required (subdivided according to label material and ribbon model)

Washing water:

Also known as "washing cloth" washed cloth". Material characteristics: can be washed repeatedly, can be oil-proof. Scope of application: clothing, shoes and hats, leather goods and other industries. Applicable ribbon: all need to use all-resin ribbon

Sticker---DIY sticker

Today's social stickers are no longer a patented toy for teenagers. With the advancement of society, stickers have created a lot of personalized functions.

For example, car stickers are very popular nowadays. The so-called car stickers are to put some personalized stickers on the body to achieve personalization or reminder purposes. On the road we drive, we often see a variety of car stickers, some of which are attached to the door and some to the trunk. In addition to the personality of the body, the other role of this car sticker is a humorous reminder. For example, in the case of traffic jams, we often see the stickers on the front of the car, "I am in a hurry, I will ash over~~", "Don't worry, the more you get slower". When we saw such a dull sticker, the depressing power of the traffic jam disappeared.

In addition to car stickers, there are also glass stickers, wall stickers and other personalized stickers for home decoration. When we are squatting on the cost of wall decoration, why not DIY a few personalized stickers, as long as you are creative, decorate them on the wall, not only low cost, but also the effect of decoration is not lack of elegant artistic atmosphere.

There are also various blank stickers, that is, stickers without any printed patterns, which can be used for labels. Many older people today use this blank sticker to remind themselves to do something. For example, write on the sticker what you want to do today, then stick it in a prominent position in the room and remind yourself not to forget things.

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