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No security code labels can check authenticity?
Dec 13, 2018

At present, most of the security labels are scratch type. Digital security labels  which are widely used.Scraping is scraping anti-counterfeiting labels outside the silver layer coating, generally called scratch silver ink, such as lottery tickets, raffle tags usually have the silver scratch layer , digital anti-counterfeit labels of this layer covered with scratch silver is usually a string of Numbers, this string of Numbers is called security codes or security password, there are also black color, color difference is the difference of anti-counterfeiting technology application.

Check its authenticity is checking that the authenticity of a string of anti-counterfeiting code, check whether the query results and physical, so at the end of the day anti-counterfeiting label is only the carrier of anti-counterfeiting code, determine goods is true or not, is not is judged by the anti-counterfeiting labels if there is, but the anti-counterfeiting code query results, but from the anti-counterfeit labels, only the anti-counterfeiting code also does not have anti-counterfeiting function, because of the lack of query entrance, so the security code and security label is complementary relationship, is not exist alone.

Anti-counterfeit labels, except as a carrier of the anti-counterfeiting code itself will also have certain physical anti-counterfeiting technology, such as images or background, etc, will also join the anti-counterfeit label for the custom Logo and Company name or brand name, it will also join query methods, such as query website, such as telephone query, usually in the upper part of the scratch silver will write the words "scraping coating to check its authenticity", let the consumer more easy to query.


No security code security label can query the authenticity of false?

Good anti-counterfeit label anti-counterfeiting code should be valid for a long time, can have the effect of effective anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting code needs only after scraping to show consumer queries, once found scratch silver is scratching off in advance, that will need to be careful when consumer is bought, if not a prank, that's already been a query, if some enterprises to join in the query system scan code red envelope function, then the individual dealers may take a fancy to this part of the interests, before they can put this batch of goods on the market of anti-counterfeiting code are swept again, has brought out red envelopes, flow to the market after the labels are already been scraping query,This has seriously damaged the interests of consumers and enterprises.Exposed security code will provide criminals with convenience, to provide a shortcut for its counterfeiting, so that the security labels can not really play a role, to promote the rampant counterfeiting;Consumers are also unable to obtain red envelopes from enterprises in a formal way, which greatly discourages consumption.So consumers bear in mind that the purchase of goods security labels must be kept intact, damaged or scratched be careful.

Wenzhou Haoge Anti-counterfeit Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years development experience of the production of anti-counterfeiting, professional qr code anti-counterfeit labels, traced back system, prevent the transregional development, prevent the transregional solution, multiple anti-counterfeiting patent technology, perfect anti-counterfeiting printing equipment, independent security printing factory, built dozens of national security system engineering, and for thousands of companies from all walks of life to provide all kinds of security products and services, business scope of all provinces and cities across the country.Wenzhou Haoge Anti-counterfeit Technology Co., Ltd. pioneering and innovative, realistic and enterprising, determined to become a customer's long-term trust partners, to provide customers with personalized, professional and serialized anti-counterfeiting products and services.

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