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How to choose sticker stickers and cleaning stickers
Aug 13, 2018

How to choose a sticker sticker

1. For cylindrical bottles, especially those with a diameter of less than 30 mm, carefully select the material.

2. If the label size is too large or too small, you should pay attention to the actual test.

3. If the sticker is an irregular surface or even a spherical surface, there are specific considerations for the type of label material, thickness and adhesive.

4. Some rough surfaces such as corrugated boxes can affect the labeling, and the varnish on the surface of the corrugated box will also have an effect.

5. Automatic labeling machine labeling, labeling test if necessary.

6. Even if the label is labeled at room temperature, pay attention to whether the high temperature is experienced during export and during use.

7. Multi-water or multi-oil environment will affect the characteristics of the adhesive. Pay attention to the environment and temperature of label labeling.

8. There may be plasticizer oozing out on the surface of soft PVC. Pay special attention to selecting a suitable adhesive.

Five strokes teach you how to erase stickers

1. Use a paper towel to dip some alcohol (preferably with industrial alcohol, do not need to use medical treatment) to wipe, and then clean it after a few more.

2. Use acetone. The method is the same as above. The amount is small and thorough, and the best part is that it removes these residual gums very quickly and easily, which is better than alcohol.

3. Use nail polish. The usage is the same as alcohol acetone. The effect is also very good. Nail polish does not require quality, good or general, as long as it can wash away the nail polish.

4. Use hand cream. First peel off the printed surface, then squeeze the hand cream on it, slowly use your thumb to rub it, and then you can pick up the sticky glue. Just slow down. Hand creams are oily substances whose properties are incompatible with gums. In addition to glue is to use this feature.

5. Use banana water. It is an industrial agent used to remove paint, and it is also easy to buy (the place where the paint is sold is sold). The method is also the same as alcohol acetone.

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