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garment tag for clothes
Aug 13, 2018

Look at the depth of the color

The darker the color of the clothes, the more harmful substances in the clothes dyes. It is recommended to choose light colors when buying underwear and baby clothes.

Various information on the clothes label

Look at the model

Clothes that are not marked with height and bust in the model are unqualified. The number of qualified clothes is labeled: “175/100A”, 175 is the height, 100 is the bust, and A is the body type. A means "normal", B means "fat", C means "fat", and Y means "skinny".

Look at the washing instructions

The washing marks shall be marked in the order of washing, drying, ironing, etc.; if there is no washing instructions on the clothes tag, or the washing instructions are not marked correctly, it is likely that the manufacturer is not regular and it is recommended not to buy.

Various information on the clothes label

Look at the level

The grade of clothing is divided into superior products, first-class products, and qualified products. The higher the grade, the higher the color fastness. Under normal circumstances, there are fewer first-class products and superior products on the market, so the grade on the clothes label should be at least qualified.

Various information on the clothes label

See security technology category

There are three safety technical levels of clothing, A, B and C. Infants and young children under 2 years of age must be Class A technical requirements. Clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin must be at least Class B technical. Clothing that is not in direct contact with the skin must be at least Class C technical. If it does not meet the technical requirements, do not buy it.

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