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Cosmetics OR code anti-counterfeit labels' benefits
Dec 18, 2018

There are so many fake cosmetics in the market now and it is impossible to prevent them. The higher the brand awareness, the more fake cosmetics are.Even if it is a well-known foreign brand, overseas Amoy is not necessarily safe, to know the logistics information can be false.

First of all, it should be clear that any foreign goods entering the country through the formal channels will be subject to customs inspection, there will be corresponding records and customs barcode, any does not have these information are illegal sources, regardless of whether it is genuine, the source is not credible, do not buy.And our domestic brand is to identify the cosmetics with security labels, do not buy no security labels and unknown source of cosmetics, whether it is the store or online shopping.

 Because the cost of counterfeiting is too high, so few foreigners counterfeit goods, there are fewer anti-counterfeit labels of goods. But there is a large number of cheap labor force in China, so the cost of counterfeiting is reduced,  it is difficult to weed out the fake.In addition, most of the fake goods are industrial materials, which are low in price but can cause harm when used in human beings. However, the counterfeiters do not care about others' life and death, they only consider their own interests.

Fake cosmetics do great harm. When consumers buy fake products, they will only go to the formal brand for discussion, and the brand owners have to pay attention to maintain their reputation, which is time-consuming and hard to please. Therefore, this is the reason why the brand chamber of commerce chooses anti-counterfeit labels.

Cosmetic counterfeiting benefits millions


Now many cosmetics manufacturers will customize the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels to anti-counterfeiting products, anti-counterfeiting.What makes qr code security labels so popular is their huge advantages:

One, simple query.As long as the mobile phone scanning two-dimensional code can be true and false query, do not need to call and send SMS, consumer acceptance is high, can improve the rate of active scanning code, business and people work together to combat fake goods.

Second, data encryption.Cosmetics security labels on each two-dimensional code is variable, and is disordered, no repeat, each label is only a valid query, multiple queries will be prompted by the system, with a high degree of confidentiality, not easy to be copied.

Third, the price is low.Compared with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of market anti-counterfeiting costs, an ordinary two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label is only a few cents, hundreds of thousands of pieces is only a few thousand yuan, the cost can be almost ignored, but the effect is far more than the price, is the most cost-effective anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting way.

Four, fan marketing.Anti-counterfeiting query port access to micro letter in public, let consumer scan code number to check its authenticity and focus on public authenticity check out send integral, daily check in integral, integral vouchers, integral to change gift, false hair red packets and so on the public marketing campaign, firmly grasp the intention of consumers, can at very low cost increase fans, the most effective anti-counterfeiting simultaneous marketing, let the enterprise sales promoting to a higher position.

Wenzhou hogg anti-counterfeiting technology co., LTD. Has more than 10 years development experience of the production of anti-counterfeiting, professional qr code anti-counterfeit labels, traced back system, prevent the transregional development, prevent the transregional solution, multiple anti-counterfeiting patent technology, comprehensive anti-counterfeiting printing equipment, independent security printing factory, built dozens of national security system engineering, and for thousands of companies from all walks of life to provide all kinds of security products and services, business scope of all provinces and cities across the country.Wenzhou haoge anti-counterfeiting, pioneering and innovative, realistic and enterprising, determined to become a customer's long-term trust partners, to provide customers with personalized, professional and serialized anti-counterfeiting products and services.

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