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Aug 13, 2018

Card kǎpiàn (aka: game card), small size, mostly rectangular, standard card size is 86×54 (out of writing is 88×56) (other shapes are non-standard cards), ordinary PVC card thickness is 0.76 Mm, IC, ID non-contact card thickness of 0.84mm, easy to carry, used to carry information or entertainment items (phone cards, postcards, ID cards, poker, etc.). The materials used for it can be PVC, transparent plastic, metal and paper materials.

Common species

1. Hard paper used to record various materials for sorting and retrieval.

Hong Shen, "Preliminary Knowledge of Drama Directors", last episode: "For example, the cabinet of the exclusive card, although the audience may not see the contents of the cabinet, but the cabinet is still full of cards: and each card is really written The condition of the patient!"

A Ying "Grey House": "There is a young Chinese who came in, holding a hard book and holding a bunch of cards about us in the patrol room."

2. Refers to plain paper made from cardboard.

3, the domestic initial release and the 90-year period, because it printed a lot of Japanese and domestic cartoon characters and was loved by children of all sizes, some of them provide many weapons names or sci-fi characters, due to the market sales are extremely hot, The initial production of the card has spawned many new styles and has been put into production in large quantities, which are also called fragrant tablets because some of them will volatilize.

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